Fraud / Forgery / Identity Theft

Commonly referred to as white collar crimes, offenses in Washington of fraud, forgery, and identity theft are all too often committed in times of financial hardship.

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So if you made a mistake that you regret when you were at a difficult moment in your life, we understand how that can happen. Don’t beat yourself up. You deserve fair treatment and the best possible opportunity for a second chance.

Of if you are accused of something that didn’t happen, then of course you need the best possible defense and attorney to fight for your rights and to make sure the courts know what really happened.

Being charged with any of these crimes is difficult. You may feel like you have already been labeled as a criminal before you have your day in court. So you need someone to who is focused on protecting your rights in court.

We have handled many fraud and forgery cases in Washington. We are interested in handling yours. We want to hear, in your words, what actually happened, so we can formulate the best possible strategy to help you fix this mess.

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Washington Forgery – Laws & Penalties

In order to understand the legal definition of fraud you must understand what is meant by a “written instrument”.

Written Instrument: (a) Any paper, document, or other instrument containing written or printed matter; or (b) any access device, token, stamp, seal, badge, trademark, or other evidence or symbol of value, right, privilege, or identification;

Ref: RCW 9A.60.010

You may be charged with forgery if you do one of the following with intent to injure or defraud:

1.      Falsely make, complete, or alter a written instrument, or

2.      Possess, utter, offer, or dispose of a written instrument you know to be forged.

Forgery is a Class C felony with a seriousness level I. This means if you have no prior convictions on your record you will be facing a felony conviction and possible prison sentence of up to 60 days and fines of up to $10,000.

However, if you have any convictions on your record, this potential sentence could be as high as 18 months in prison.

Ref: RCW 9A.60.020

Washington Identity Theft & Related Laws

Washington Criminal Impersonation Charge – First Degree

Criminal impersonation charges result from a variety of situations. One common scenario is if you use another persons social security number for the purposed of getting a job. This can happen in cases with illegal immigrants or undocumented workers.

You may be charged with 1st degree criminal impersonation if you assume a false identity and act with intent to defraud or another unlawful purpose, or if you pretend to be a representative of another person or organization with intent to defraud.

Similar to forgery, 1st degree criminal impersonation is a Class C felony. This felony can be penalized by up to one year in prison and fines of up to $10,000.

Ref: RCW 9A.60.040

Washington Criminal Impersonation – Second Degree – Penalties & Laws

Second degree criminal impersonation is applicable when you claim to be or create the impression that you are a peace officer or falsely assume the identity of a veteran or active duty military member with intent to defraud.

Criminal impersonation in the 2nd degree is a gross misdemeanor and is punishable by up to one year in jail and fines up to $5,000.

Ref: RCW 9A.60.045

Washington Illegal Possession if ID – Laws & Penalties

Possessing, Reading, or Capturing Information on Another’s Identification Documents

This offense involves the possession of someone else’s identification numbers. You do not have to use these numbers to be found guilty of this charge. If you possess, read, or capture information contained on someone’s identification documents you may be charged with this Class C felony.

This Class C felony is punishable by up to one year in prison and fines reaching up to $10,000.

Ref: RCW 9A.58.020

Free Consultation on Fraud, Identity Theft & Forgery Related Charges in Washington

These offenses are serious felonies. A felony conviction in Washington state on your record can forever affect you. This is not the time to be unsure of your actions. Place your confidence in attorneys that can make a difference in your case. Call for a consultation on your case today to find out why we are the attorneys for you at this difficult time.

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