Domestic Violence

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A Washington state domestic violence arrest can change your life forever. Your reputation, your job, and your freedom may be on the line when up against charges as serious as this. An experienced Washington criminal defense attorney can help your mind at ease and be sure you are getting the fair treatment you deserve in the legal system.

Domestic violence cases are always difficult. The relationship between the two parties makes for an emotionally charged case. When you are accused of hurting or trying to hurt someone you care about, it can be extremely stressful.

And courts are typically extremely unsympathetic to defendants. We will need to work hard to get you the fair treatment you deserve.

But as your attorney, I am only on your side. I am not there to judge you, I am there to protect you. And our attorneys have seen, firsthand, unfair arrests and prosecutions over incredibly minor domestic incidents.

If that’s what happened to you, I want to help. If this is a case completely blown out of proportion, I understand, and I know exactly how that happens, unfortunately. And if you made a mistake and lost your temper, I want to help you with that, too.

So, whether you were acting in self defense or made a mistake out of anger, we want to be there to help. We know how the Washington criminal courts handle domestic violence cases and we know that an experienced defense attorney is a must.

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What is Domestic Violence under Washington state Law?

To really understand the charges you are facing it is important to understand how the law in Washington defines a few terms.

Domestic violence: When one of the following occurs between family or household members: physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or the infliction of fear of imminent physical harm, injury or assault between family or household members, or sexual assault, or stalking.

Family or household members: Spouses, domestic partners, former spouses or domestic partners, people who have a child in common, adults related by blood or marriage, roommates or former roommates, people who have or had a dating relationship, or adults with a parent-child relationship (including step-parents and grandparents).

RCW 26.50.010

Some of the more common offenses that are charged as domestic violence cases are:

While you will face the sentence that is prescribed for the particular criminal offense you committed, if the case involves a domestic relationship you will face additional consequences.

What is a Protection Order?

If a protection order was not already in place, this offense will certainly warrant one. Immediately following your arrest a temporary emergency protection order will probably be put in place until a later date.

Protection orders can do many things along with keeping you away from the alleged victim. They can also:

  • Grant possession of a residence
  • Grant temporary custody
  • Restrain your proximity to certain locations
  • Order you to cease certain actions
  • Provide for possession of personal properties
  • Order spousal or child support payments
  • Award attorney’s fees

Along with potential jail time and fines for your domestic violence offense, you could also be required to attend anger management courses or counseling. Prior to trial you may undergo an evaluation to help the court determine the best possible sentence for you.

Free Legal Advice to Anyone Charged with Domestic Violence in Washington

As your attorney we are interested in your side of the situation. We want to know exactly what led to these charges so we can give you the best legal advice possible. Call for a consultation on your Washington domestic violence case today.

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