Arrested in Washington State? Get Some Legal Advice Now!

If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime in the state of Washington, I know you are upset and frightened about what happened, and what you should do about it. That is understandable, no one ever expects to be facing charges. And appearing in Washington state criminal court as a defendant is an intimidating experience.

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We sympathize with what you are going through. No matter what got you to this point, it is a very difficult, unpleasant, and stressful experience. And now you wondering what could happen to you in court. You have questions, like:

  • Could I go to jail?
  • Could I lose my license?
  • How much is this going to cost me?
  • Am I going to have a permanent criminal record for life?

These questions are often much too complicated for you to figure out by yourself. And at a time like this, you need someone with the benefit of years of criminal defense experience on your side. Someone who cares about your interests, and helping you get the best outcome possible. We hope that is a dismissal, or a not guilty. That is what our attorneys work for, and we fight for.

Even you want to plead guilty, you still need an experienced Washington state criminal defense lawyer to get you the best deal possible. We know what’s a fair deal, and what isn’t. And we can tell often when the prosecutor is bluffing, and doesn’t really have the evidence to convict you. Knowing that you are treated fairly and not unfairly and harshly punished, instead of getting a fair shot at a second chance can be worth a great deal to you.

So whatever the case.. .whether you are falsely accused of a criminal offense you aren’t guilty of, or you make a mistake and simply want to fix the problem with the least damage possible… please contact us today to work through your options, and get our recommendations based on years of defending criminal charges, from assault, and drug possession, to serious felony offenses, and more.

We defend people accused of crimes. People who are innocent until proven guilty. And we are proud to fight for the protection of the little guy.

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